Friday, January 10, 2014

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MSNBC: December Jobs Report Is ‘Awful,’ ‘Very Bad,’ And ‘Ugly’


MSNBC admitted that the December jobs report was dismal Friday.
CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera announced the newly released report number. Only 74,000 jobs were created in December, a number that fell significantly short of the 200,000 anticipated created jobs.
Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough commented “That’s a horrific number” and said that the newly added jobs number is the lowest seen in years.
Caruso-Cabrera confirmed Scarborough’s statement, saying that the newly added jobs number is in fact the lowest since January of 2011 and the number was “very, very bad.”


There's Already 17 Times More Coverage on Christie Scandal Than in Last Six Months of IRS

Scott Whitlock | January 9, 2014, 13:00 ET


Report: Walmart Employee Health Plan Better Than Obamacare

Report: Iran Sanctions Supported by 62 Percent of Senate Dems

Suspected Iranian nuclear facility / AP
A new Iran sanctions bill in the Senate may already have the support of 34 Democratic senators despite White House attempts to ensure the measure dies before coming to a vote, according to a senior Jewish community official with ties to the White House and Congress.

U.S. Attorney Probing Christie Has Donated Thousands to Democrats

U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman / AP
The U.S. attorney in charge of investigating New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s (R.) bridge controversy has a long history of donating to Democratic organizations and candidates, according to Federal Election Commission records.

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