Friday, November 22, 2013

Rigged 2012 Jobs Numbers? Weekend News

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Did White House Rig 2012 Jobs Data To Get Obama Re-Elected?

Posted 05:36 PM ET

An anonymous whistleblower in a New York Post column by John Crudele is alleging that unemployment jobs data in the current population survey conducted by the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics was manipulated in 2012 to help Barack Obama get re-elected.

According to the source, specifically the Oct. 5, 2012 jobs report was faked — just in time for the election. Worse, the practice reportedly continues to date.

That was the report that showed a 0.3 percentage-point drop in the unemployment rate, helping it get below 8% for the first time in 43 months, an Obama administration "stimulus" pledge.
Until that point, the nation had experienced the longest period of high, sustained joblessness since the Great Depression.

Then, suddenly, the survey found a miraculous 873,000 new jobs in the household survey, despite the fact the establishment survey of employers showed only a total of 114,000 jobs created. In a statement, Americans for Limited Government warned the data were wrong or, worse, manipulated.

Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch tweeted out at the time: "Unbelievable jobs numbers . . . these Chicago guys will do anything . . . can't debate, so change numbers." 

He and others who questioned the numbers at the time were widely derided. But were they right?

Nathan Mehrens, president of Americans for Limited Government, said the allegations were "extremely serious," noting "financial markets and economic policymakers all over the world depend on the integrity of jobs data to make informed decisions."
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