Thursday, September 5, 2013

Obama looks weak

Leading from Behind

Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar / AP Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar criticized President Barack Obama for his “very bad decision” to seek congressional authorization for a U.S. strike on Syria, saying that this makes the U.S. leader appear weak and unwilling to accept personal responsibility.

Raymond Ibrahim
September 4, 2013 - 3:15 pm
Popular and widely read Egyptian newspaper Al Wafd published the above picture today portraying U.S. President Barrack Hussein Obama as Satan himself. The unflattering picture has been making the rounds on Facebook in the Middle East and, according to Al Wafd, is representative of the hatred growing numbers of people in the region have for the American president, thanks to his staunch and unwavering support for Islamists and jihadiis — whether in Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, or Syria — even as they terrorize, murder, rape, and burn down Christian churches, that is, even as they engage in diabolical activities. Also read: President Man-Child

WashPost Editorial Slams Obama/Holder Justice Dept. for Blocking La. School Vouchers 
  Ken Shepherd | September 4, 2013, 18:14 ET
The Washington Post is reliably liberal on just about every major political issue. But there are exceptions, and its stand for school vouchers programs as a way to lift disadvantaged kids out of a failing public school monopoly is one of them.
So it's not too surprising that the paper devoted an editorial on Monday to criticizing the Obama/Holder Justice Department for a lawsuit it's filed that is putting a halt -- temporarily at least -- to school vouchers in Louisiana. Even so, the newspaper has dropped the ball on bringing the public's attention to the underlying story. Aside from the September 2 editorial, the paper has virtually ignored the development in its news pages, with the only mention of the underlying controversy being reported in the August 25 paper in a national news roundup. Here's that item -- an AP brief -- in its totality:

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