Thursday, September 12, 2013

American 'Poverty'

Americans in 'Poverty' Have TVs, VCRs, Cell Phones, Air Conditioning


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American poverty just ain’t what it used to be. A new report from the Census Bureau found that 80.9% of households considered poverty stricken have cell phones along with their landline phones, and 58.2% have computers. 96.1% of those in “poverty” have televisions, and 83% have some sort of DVR.

The percentage owning refrigerators? 97.8%

Gas or electric stoves? 96.6%.

Microwaves? 93.2%

Air conditioning? Over 83%.

Washer? 68.7%

Dryer? 65.3%

People still don’t mind washing dishes, apparently; only 44.9% surveyed had a dishwasher.

David Petraeus Ambushed, Branded “War Criminal” by Protesters



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Former CIA director mobbed on first day of new job
Paul Joseph Watson
September 12, 2013

A video shows former CIA director David Petraeus being ambushed by protesters on the streets of New York and branded a “war criminal.”

The footage shows Petraeus walking to his first day of his new job as a visiting professor at The City University of New York (CUNY). Petraeus seems unaffected as students hurl insults, labeling him a “war criminal,” a “scumbag,” and a “fascist.”

“You’ve got blood all over you! I can smell you!” “You disgusting imperialist!” yells one protester.

The ambush was organized by an organization calling itself the Ad Hoc Committee, a group of CUNY students attempting to drive out “Death Squad” Petraeus and eliminate the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program.

Both the aggressive behavior of the students and Petraeus’ actions as a military official in Iraq and Afghanistan led the Atlantic Wire to conclude that, “Neither side looks good.”

After training Iraqi forces during the U.S. occupation, Petraeus was accused of ordering the intentional drone bombing funerals and other civilian targets in Afghanistan, a war crime under the International Criminal Court.

Petraeus has been a consistent supporter of military intervention in Syria and reiterated his stance during an appearance at Page Auditorium, Duke University last night.

The former CIA director also angered privacy advocates last year when he hailed the “Internet of things” as a transformational boon for “clandestine tradecraft”. In other words, people filling their homes with so-called “smart” devices would mean the CIA wouldn’t have to implant bugs since people would be wiretapping themselves.

Conservative group wants liberation for western Maryland

Fed up with taxes and Democratic dominance, they want to create 51 state

September 10, 2013|Dan Rodricks
I just returned from a pleasant trip to the mountains and rivers of Garrett County to the dismaying news that a group of conservative Republicans want Garrett and four other Maryland counties to break away and form the 51st state so they can live happily ever after.
I spoke Monday to the leader of what's called the Western Maryland Initiative. Scott Strzelczyk is his name. He doesn't like the word "secession." He's talking about something different — the formation of a new state out of five counties. The U.S. Constitution allows regions to separate with approval from the state legislature and Congress. There are similar efforts around the country. West Virginia is the last state to successfully break away from another, and that was 150 years ago.

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