Monday, August 5, 2013

Obama & Amnesty To Terrorists


Now Obama Offering Amnesty To Terrorists, Too

War On Terror: As President Obama locks down U.S. embassies across the Muslim world in response to terrorist threats, he's giving thousands of terrorists amnesty in Afghanistan.

Buried inside a lengthy unclassified report released last week by the Pentagon is a description of something called the Afghan Peace and Reintegration Program, through which the administration started to pay terrorists to walk off the battlefield.

All Taliban and al-Qaida fighters have to do is sign (a thumb print will suffice for illiterates) an "intent to reintegrate" form vowing to "cease violence (and) live within the laws of Afghanistan," according to the report, titled "Progress Toward Security and Stability in Afghanistan."

In exchange, they'll receive monthly payments and even get to keep their weapons if they request them for "personal protection."
Who vouches for the sincerity of these supposedly reformed terrorists? Local tribal leaders and Islamic clerics, most of whom sympathize with the Taliban and al-Qaida. They sit on a so-called High Peace Council with area warlords, an oxymoronic situation to the hilt.

The administration boasts that "to date, 6,277 fighters have been removed peacefully from the battlefield and enrolled in the program." But it won't provide data on how many "reintegrees" have rejoined the jihad against U.S. troops and America.

There have been several documented cases of recidivism — including a Taliban commander who last year was given a job in the Afghan police force after renouncing violence. He wasted no time turning his newly issued AK-47 on his recruiters, killing several of them along with a civilian. The commander, known as Assadullah, then made off with a police pickup, 10 rifles and 25 magazines for the Taliban.

Three village elders vouched for Asadullah's conversion, which included his vow that "I repent. I will never do what I did again. I am tired of fighting." His hand no doubt was on the Quran when he made the phony pledge.
Hundreds of other "former" Taliban are being offered jobs within the Afghan police, where they obtain access to weapons and Western targets — namely, American soldiers and civilians.
Taliban posing as Afghan police have accounted for many of the 70 insider attacks on American soldiers since 2007, treacherous fraggings that have killed 92 and wounded 134 of our men and women in uniform.
"Former" terrorists who don't join the police are enrolled in "a deradicalization and vocational training program" that teaches them a specific trade, such as "tailoring." Yeah, fierce jihadists who have waged war their whole lives are now going to hem burkas for a living.

So far, Obama's Taliban amnesty program has cost U.S. taxpayers a whopping $72 million. Total five-year funding for the reintegration program, which includes "community recovery projects," is $175 million.

Again, the Pentagon has provided no data on the number of enrollees who have returned to the battlefield, so we have no metric to judge the effectiveness of its jihad rehab.

The amount of money the Obama administration is paying the bad guys to stay off the battlefield in its run-up to its announced 2014 retreat is obscene.
This is how Obama plans to declare victory in Afghanistan — through bribery.

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