Friday, July 12, 2013

Justice Department----Anti-Zimmerman? Weekend News


Taxpayers Helped Sharpton Stir Anti-Zimmerman Anger

Al Sharpton, with Trayvon Martin's parents Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, gestures during an April 11 news conference amid reports George Zimmerman...
Al Sharpton, with Trayvon Martin's parents Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, gestures during an April 11 news conference amid reports George Zimmerman... View Enlarged Image

Race War: The Obama administration spent thousands of federal dollars to help the Rev. Al Sharpton pressure the state of Florida to railroad George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting case.

The Justice Department not only met with Martin's parents and the notorious racial arsonist Sharpton, as we reported earlier this week. It even helped them organize rallies against Zimmerman, who trial evidence shows shot Martin in self-defense.

Newly released documents reveal the department spent more than $5,320 to send officials to Florida "to work marches, demonstrations and rallies related to the shooting and death of an African-American teen."

According to Washington-based Judicial Watch, a government watchdog group that uncovered the records through a Freedom of Information Act request, the department launched six separate deployments to Sanford, Fla., between March 25, 2012, and April 12, 2012, when officials got their way and Zimmerman was arrested for murder.

The purpose of one trip from March 30 to April 1, according to the expense report, was "to provide support for protest." Sharpton was a featured speaker at the March 31 protest, dubbed "The March for Trayvon Martin," where he agitated for Zimmerman's arrest.
A week earlier, Sharpton met with Martin's parents and escorted them to a meeting with justice officials in Florida. "Earlier today, Trayvon's parents, attorney and I met with the Justice Department here," Sharpton bellowed on his MSNBC show "Politics Nation." "And later tonight, we rally for justice for Trayvon."

Behind the scenes, Attorney General Eric Holder assured Sharpton that he would take "swift action" in the case to investigate whether local police had committed a "civil rights crime" in releasing Zimmerman from custody. Holder also deployed FBI agents to Sanford.
Soon after, Sanford's police chief was fired. Bill Lee now says he was axed due to "political pressure" and that "outside forces" hijacked the Zimmerman case.

"They just wanted an arrest" to placate protesters threatening violence, Lee told CNN earlier this week, even though the evidence provided no probable cause to arrest Zimmerman. He said it was purely a matter of self defense, and he was right.
As soon as the case was taken away from Lee, evidence was leaked to the Martin family and Sharpton and his thugs. They got to hear the 911 tapes and coordinate their stories.
Who leaked them? The same person who fired Lee — Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte, a member of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators.

Before he sacked the police chief, Bonaparte met in Washington with — you guessed it — Eric Holder. The attorney general had summoned both him and Sanford's mayor to discuss the allegedly "unprovoked hate crime against a black teen."
The evidence is clear that Zimmerman was framed to look like a homicidal racist. It's also now clear there was a larger political orchestration behind the racial rabble-rousing, one that was led from the highest levels in Washington.

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