Thursday, February 28, 2013

Andrew Sullivan

Kliphnote: The Obama boot licker's will never let anyone say anything bad
about "The One". If atheist had a God it would be Obama.


Andrew Sullivan: Woodward 'a liar'

Bob Woodward has amassed no shortage of critics over the last 24 hours, but Andrew Sullivan goes further:
This is what Woodward was claiming was a chilling threat to press freedom! I mean, seriously. What exactly is the threat?... Does this read like a man writing to someone threatening him with anything? He even says: “I for one welcome a little heat.” He describes Sperling’s “threat” as “personal advice” as a friend, which it plainly was. Then he goes whining to CNN and Politico that he is victim of government threats for his reporting. That’s a lie, and Woodward has now been exposed as a liar.
(WATCH: Press, pundits react to Woodward fallout)

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