Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gun Control

Matthew Balan | January 17, 2013 | 19:28
On Thursday's CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell granted staunch gun rights supporter Michael Bloomberg a platform to blast the NRA as "stupid", and brush aside gun-owning Americans as a radical minority. O'Donnell set up the New York City mayor to accuse the gun rights group of being under the thumb of gun manufacturers.

The CBS anchors also took a more subdued approach to the Bloomberg segment, compared to their contentious interview of NRA President David Keene just minutes earlier. Co-anchor Charlie Rose led the segment with a softball question to the billionaire politician [audio clips from the Bloomberg interview are available here; video below the jump]:


Clinton Responds to Algeria Hostage Crisis and Military Conflict in Mali

Carney Dodges on How Much Obama Would Raise Debt Ceiling

Sheriffs, State Lawmakers Push Back on Gun Control

Thursday, 17 Jan 2013 06:11 AM

From Oregon to Mississippi, President Barack Obama's proposed ban on new assault weapons and large-capacity magazines struck a nerve among rural lawmen and lawmakers, many of whom vowed to ignore any restrictions — and even try to stop federal officials from enforcing gun policy in their jurisdictions.
"A lot of sheriffs are now standing up and saying, 'Follow the Constitution,'" said Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, whose territory covers the timbered mountains of southwestern Oregon.
But their actual powers to defy federal law are limited. And much of the impassioned rhetoric amounts to political posturing until — and if — Congress acts.

SEC Commissioner Blasts Dodd-Frank

Barack Obama, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd the day Dodd-Frank was signed by the president / AP
Securities and Exchange Commissioner Daniel Gallagher blasted the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill in a speech to the United States Chamber of Commerce Wednesday afternoon.
“It’s a perfect example of not letting a good crisis go to waste,” Gallagher said. The president signed Dodd-Frank on July 21, 2010. Democrats Sen. Chris Dodd (Conn.) and Rep. Barney Frank (Mass.) have since retired from Congress.

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