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 Kliphnote: You were warned about Chairman Gov Cuomo and Chairman President Obama and Guns. 

Cuomo Vows to ‘Enact the Toughest Assault Weapon Ban in the Nation, Period!’

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One of the most hotly-anticipated elements of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s annual State of the State address today was his plan to enact “sweeping” gun control reforms in New York. In his speech, the governor outlined a seven-point gun control plan focused on “high capacity assault rifles” that he promised would be one of the “toughest” in that nation and lead similar laws to spread beyond New York.


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Housing and Urban Development Secretary Andrew Cuomo today issued the following statement in response to news reports that gun manufacturers will no longer negotiate with the Clinton Administration and cities to reach a gun safety agreement like the one reached with Smith & Wesson. The news reports said the gunmakers will await the outcome of the November election in hopes that Governor George W. Bush will be elected President and be more sympathetic to their views. Secretary Cuomo said:

"There's good news that we now know what the obstacle to common-sense gun reform actually is.  

Gun manufacturers are saying there's no reason to settle lawsuits with cities if they can bank on a President George Bush getting elected because he'll immunize them against any lawsuit by government or by any individual, much the way he's favored guns in Texas.  

What will President Bush do? That's going to be the question. Fifty-thousand more people will be wounded by guns between now and Election Day. We lose 12 children every day in this country to gun violence. We know we can have safe guns, because we signed the safe gun agreement with Smith & Wesson. We have the technology, we have the safety features, and we can have responsible dealers who don't sell to criminals.

"If gun manufacturers are saying they won't make guns safer until they hear from George Bush, then let Mr. Bush tell us what is his position. 

Will he immunize these gun manufacturers or will he demand they act responsibly? Let us hear now, the American people have a right to know. No more secrecy on his position about guns. Let's resolve this matter one way or the other, let's end the violence and end the killing once and for all."
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New York’s $150B Pension Fund To Assess Holdings In Gun Manufacturers

Posted by: Joseph Spector - Posted in Uncategorized on Jan 07, 2013
Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said today that the state’s $150 billion pension fund, one of the largest in the country, would review its holdings in gun manufacturers in the wake of the mass shootings in Newtown, Conn.
DiNapoli stopped short of saying the pension fund would divest its investments in gun companies, but he said the fund’s holdings are being accessed.
“In the wake of the Newtown shootings, we are accessing our holdings in gun manufacturers,” DiNapoli told reporters this morning. “That continues to be a review that’s ongoing.”
DiNapoli, the sole trustee of the state’s pension fund, said it’s unclear how much money the state has invested in gun manufacturers, estimating it could “tens of millions of dollars.” He said it’s mainly investments through index funds.
DiNapoli has used the fund to lean on certain industries. In 2009, the fund divested from companies linked to Iran and the Sudan. Last week, he sued Qualcomm because it hasn’t fully disclosed how its money is used in political activities.

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