Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Debate Moderators

Kliphnote: Remember, the Obama-bots will say Obama won the debates, no 
matter what. He could fall a sleep and not say anything and they would say
he still won. Fools, all!

IBD Editorials

Debate Moderators Don't Dare Ask Obama These Questions

Media Bias: With just five weeks left in the campaign, Barack Obama remains unscathed by a partisan press that refuses to vet him. The presidential debates offer voters their last chance for an X-ray.

Will PBS' Jim Lehrer finally ask the incumbent tough questions at Wednesday's first debate? Don't hold your breath. He's a liberal Democrat who thinks Obama is a big "positive" for race relations in America.

Don't count, either, on CNN's Candy Crowley leaving her pro-Democrat bias at home when she moderates the second debate Oct. 16. She's so enamored with Obama she took her daughter to Illinois to see him announce his candidacy in 2007.
She wrote off Obama's friendship with radical '60s bomber Bill Ayers as "a phony issue." Crowley also thinks Romney-Ryan is a "ticket death wish."

What about CBS' Bob Schieffer? He's pretty cantankerous — maybe he'll jab Obama at the final debate Oct. 22. More likely he'll just give Mitt Romney grief. He thinks the GOP hopeful is too conservative and needs to "move a little bit more toward the center."

Expect these moderators to serve up softballs for Obama and gotcha questions for Romney. With the race still a dead heat, such sway could decide the election. We might as well live in Cuba. The freest press in the world owes the American electorate more.
Before each debate, IBD will propose questions voters deserve to hear Obama answer, starting with:

Most economists agree this is the worst recovery since the Depression. In 2009, you said that if you couldn't turn the economy around by now your presidency would be a "one-term proposition." Why shouldn't voters take you up on that?

Your resume includes community organizer, civil-rights attorney, professor and politician. Your opponent has not only started up his own company but helped turn around other companies, as well as the Olympics. How is he not eminently more qualified to turn around this economy?

Biographer David Maraniss documents 38 fabrications in your memoir, "Dreams From My Father." If readers can't trust you to be honest in your autobiography, why should voters trust you with another term?

Did Ayers, as he has claimed, help you write "Dreams"?

On several occasions you've led voters to believe your cancer-stricken mother was denied "treatment" for a "pre-existing condition" and had to fight her insurer for payment on her death bed. But a reporter found that Cigna in fact paid all her medical bills. Did you tell a story about your own mother to help sell ObamaCare?

On the campaign trail, you commiserate with debt-burdened college students by noting you took years to get out from under your own student loans. What was your total debt, and who held those notes? What scholarship money did you get, if any? And did you ever apply for or receive foreign student aid?

Voters have seen college transcripts of past presidential candidates. Why not yours? What were your GPAs at Occidental and Columbia?
Of course, nothing in the debate rules preclude Romney from turning to Obama and directly asking him the questions his biased moderators don't dare ask.

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