Thursday, September 6, 2012

Speech form God

Kliphnote: Obama's speech will be GREAT. 
Even before anyone hears it. They will be fainting in the aisles. Tears flowing. Standing ovations. 
God Obama has spoken to the chosen few.
That "few" are the ones that want to see the US 
as a welfare country. 

Abortion (Including: Barak Obama also voted, three times, as an Illinois State Senator, against the "Born Alive Infant Protection Act" wiki.)`on demand. 

Tax payer funded birth control. All called womens rights. Not a baby right.
Tax payer funded health care. Gay rights.

Is this why they vote for Obama? The only reason!
Economy in the toilet, we're going broke. 
We are laughed at overseas.
But who cares? Not the left-heads. 
Just give them more hand outs.

'Forward': Obama facing enormous hurdles in tonight's DNC speech

Michelle talked him up, Bill talked Republicans down, and now it's up to Obama to try to talk his way into a second term.

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