Sunday, August 26, 2012


Kliphnote: Who cares about polygamy? 
And why is it men marrying more than
one women. Why can't women marry more than one man? 
And why can't we have tri-marriage, 3 people of any sex being married. 
I know people that would go for that, BIG time.
Those in Key West and San Francisco and P Town would love it.

 Apr 13, 2012

Obama, Romney both have family histories with polygamy

By David Jackson, USA TODAY
Updated 2012-04-13 10:48 AM
By FILES, AFP/Getty Images
For all the political differences between President Obama and Mitt Romney, it's important to remember there is more in humanity that unites than divides.
Consider what author David Maraniss discovered that Obama and Romney have in common: Polygamy in their family trees.
Romney's family history is better known, given the publicity surrounding his membership in the Mormon church.
But Maraniss, whose biography of Obama is due out in June, writes in The Washington Post that "the line of polygamists in Obama's family can be traced back generations in western Kenya, where it was an accepted practice within the Luo (pronounced LOO-oh) tribe."

Tom Blumer | August 25, 2012 | 19:30
Box Office Mojo shows that "2016: Obama's America" was the fourth-highest grossing film on Friday, taking in $2.255 million, and trailing only "The Expendables 2," "The Bourne Legacy," and "Paranorman." What's more, its per-theatre gross of $2,067 is almost twice that of "Expendables," and well over double every other film in Friday's top ten.
The film also seems assured of becoming the highest grossing post-1982 political documentary coming from the political right.

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