Sunday, May 6, 2012

Socialist France

 Kliphnote: No big surprise, Obama got elected as being a far left “soak the rich” class warfare Socialist. Is this what the future holds? It does not look good. Wars have started over less.

What French election result means for U.S. and the world

French voters chose Socialist Francois Hollande as their new president Sunday in a race that will have implications for Europe's debt crisis, the Afghanistan war and global diplomacy.

Nabila Ramdani: A fiercely left-wing leader to strike fear into the hearts of France's rich

He has admitted that he 'does not like the rich' and declared: 'my real enemy is the world of finance' 

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Wealthy French eye move across the Channel

Piccadilly Circus, London©4corners images
Wealthy French people are looking to London as a refuge from fresh taxes on high earners pledged by candidates in the country’s presidential elections.
The “soak the rich” rhetoric that has punctuated the presidential campaign has prompted a sharp rise in the numbers weighing a move across the Channel, according to London-based wealth managers, lawyers and property agents specialising in French clients.


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