Friday, April 20, 2012

Obama blame game

Kliphnote: Time to put your big boy pants on, Obama.
Grow up and take responsibility for something, for Gods sake.
The stock market record high happened under Bush. 
The market crash and recession happened with Obama and 
the Democrats controlling both houses of congress.
Obama should run on his record. 
But he doesn't do that, for good reason.
His record is poor, at best. At almost everything.
Instead degrade your opponent with "silver Spoon" comments. 
Did he do that to rich people like Democrats John Kerry, 
John Edwards, Ed Kennedy and would he do that to other
rich Democrats like JFK, FDR and other rich Democrats? NO!
The only ones who like (love?) him are those that want a hand out.

Obama reverts to 2008 plan: Blame Bush

Links Romney to tax cuts for rich

No sooner had Mitt Romney effectively locked up the Republican presidential nomination than President Obama began to sharpen his attacks — on former President George W. Bush.
In pushing for a tax increase this week on millionaires, Mr. Obama said an unfair impact of tax cuts for the wealthy were enacted during the “eight years before I took office.” A White House spokesman argued that Mr. Bush’s tax policies contributed to “global economic chaos.”
Administration officials also took verbal swipes after North Korea’s unsuccessful missile launch last week, accusing Mr. Bush of having rewarded North Korea with food aid years ago in spite of its nuclear weapons activities.
Mr. Obama has criticized the Bush administration’s policies in the past, but the attacks of the past two weeks have been more direct and specific.

Romney Rejects Obama's 'Silver Spoon' Comment

CLEVELAND - Mitt Romney said he would not apologize for his family's success this morning when asked about President Obama's comment Wednesday that suggested the presumptive GOP nominee had been born with a "silver spoon in his mouth."
"I'm not going to apologize for my dad and his success in his life," Romney said on "Fox & Friends." "He was born poor and he worked his way to become very successful despite the fact that he didn't have a college degree."

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