Thursday, April 5, 2012

Obama blames Fox news

Kliphnote: Here we go again. Never Obama's fault for anything.
I never hear Fox news mention that Obama is a Muslim, never!
OMG, put your big boy pants on, take responsibility, for something.

 Obama blamed troubles on Fox News, book says

Barack Obama delivers remarks on energy, March, 15, 2012, in Largo, Md. | AP Photo
David Corn's new book 'Showdown' focuses on key moments in the Obama presidency. | AP Photo
President Barack Obama blamed Fox News for his political woes in a private meeting with labor leaders in 2010, saying he was “losing white males” who tune into the cable outlet and “hear Obama is a Muslim 24/7,” according to journalist David Corn’s new book, “Showdown.”

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Just revealed: Osama bin Laden was told by al Qaeda’s U.S.-born media adviser Adam Gadahn about the best broadcast outlets to send an “anniversary video” commemorating the 9/11 terror attacks, according to Washington Post foreign affairs columnist David Ignatius in an analysis published Saturday of recently declassified material taken from bin Laden’s compound after his death last May.

“I was given an exclusive look at some of these remarkable documents by a senior administration official,” Mr. Ignatius explained.
The aforementioned video, Mr. Gadahn wrote to bin Laden, “should be sent for example to ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN and maybe PBS and VOA. As for Fox News let her die in her anger … From a professional point of view, they are all on one level — except [Fox News] channel, which falls into the abyss as you know, and lacks objectivity, too.”

“What an unintended boost for Fox, which can now boast that it is al Qaeda’s least favorite network,” Mr. Ignatius observed.
“That’s a subject Ignatius will not be exploring in a future column. And it would make a good one, in which the columnist could speculate on the newspapers that might populate a comparable list of al Qaeda’s favorites. Ah, well, maybe that’s too easy,” counters Scott Johnson, a contributor to

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