Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Rights group: 757 civilians killed in Syria

Demonstrators rally against the Syrian regime's crackdown on protesters, outside the Syrian embassy in Cairo, Egypt Tuesday, May 10, 2011. Syrian troo AP – Demonstrators rally against the Syrian regime's crackdown on protesters, outside the Syrian embassy in …
BEIRUT – More than 750 civilians have been killed in Syria since an uprising against President Bashar Assad's regime began in mid-March, a human rights group said Tuesday as the government pressed its efforts to end the nationwide unrest.
Ammar Qurabi, who heads the National Organization for Human Rights in Syria, told The Associated Press that the group has lists of names, age, cause of death and the area where 757 people died. By comparison, fact-finding investigators said at least 219 people were killed in Tunisia and at least 846 in Egypt in the uprisings that succeeded in toppling their longtime autocratic rulers.

Qurabi said thousands of Syrians have been detained in the past two months, including about 9,000 who are still in custody.

Assad has dispatched troops and tanks to many areas to crush the seven-week uprising that poses the most serious challenge to his family's 40-year rule.
Qurabi spoke to The Associated Press as Syrian forces conducted operations in several hot spots throughout the country.

Earlier Tuesday, an activist reported that Syrian troops backed by tanks entered several southern villages near the flashpoint city of Daraa. The activist said heavy gunfire was heard when the troops entered Inkhil, Dael, Jassem, Sanamein and Nawa after midnight, 
but it was not clear if there were casualties.

Kliphnote: When will Obama start bombing Syria?
What has changed in Libra since we bombed there?
Makes me wonder why we defend the protesters
in one country but not in an other country?
Makes no sense to me.
I guess only a liberal would understand.

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