Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shut Down

Chicago Tribune: 'If Not the Ryan Plan, Democrats, then What?'

9:19 AM, Apr 7, 2011 • By JEFFREY H. ANDERSON

Here’s what President Obama’s hometown newspaper, the Chicago Tribune (which endorsed Obama in 2008), has to say about House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s budgetary proposal and how much leadership each of the two men is providing:
Chicago Tribune: 'If Not the Ryan Plan, Democrats, then What?'
Rep. Paul Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin

“Has Ryan got all the answers? No, but his plan sure beats doing nothing. And nothing is mostly what we’ve heard from Democrats evidently more concerned about winning next year's presidential and congressional election than leveling with Americans about the perils of a federal debt north of $14 trillion….
“If not the Ryan plan, Democrats, then what?
“…Ryan is warning us about perils that stretch from economics to psychology: The sense of victimization among citizens who object to reforming unaffordable entitlements — and the unwillingness of President Obama and other leaders to challenge that self-indulgence — represents a much greater threat to Americans than anything in Ryan’s proposal….
“Paul Ryan and his allies aren’t waiting for a perfect moment that, in Washington, never comes. On Tuesday, they did what real leaders do. They risked their necks.”

Kliphnote:  I like to keep things simple.
Compare the government fiscal responsibility to  
your household fiscal responsibility.

If you are in debt, you have two chooses. 
Your chooses are to (A) cut your spending or (B) raise your income.
Get a higher paying job. Work more hours.  
Work two or more jobs. Simple.

When the government is in debt( federal debt $14 trillion+) they have the same chooses.
But the only way they can raise money is to raise taxes.

The Democrats never want to cut spending.
They want to raise taxes.

The Republicans want to cut spending.
They want to lower taxes.  

It is interesting that 47% of the households pay NO federal income tax.
But many of these people want to raise other peoples taxes. 

They say the "rich" made their money off the backs of the backs of the poor.
They like to use Koch Industries as an example. 
Never mentioning that they employ over 80,000 people.

The "poor" made their money off the backs of the tax payer.
You know who the "poor" are?
The ones with the cell phones and the computers and gold chains.
Own a house and a car. 
"The average poor American has more living space than the average individual living in Paris, London, Vienna, Athens, and other cities throughout Europe. (These comparisons are to the average citizens in foreign countries, not to those classified as poor.)
***Click here:The poor in America

If you want to pay more taxes, send more of your money
to the government. Not me!


The political and economic philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in which the concept of class struggle plays a central role in understanding society's allegedly inevitable development from bourgeois oppression under capitalism to a socialist and ultimately classless society.

Redistribution of wealth

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