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Obama To Local Reporter: 'Let Me Finish My Answers' Next Time (VIDEO)

Obama Local Interview Let Me Finish
First Posted: 04/19/11 11:32 AM ET Updated: 04/19/11 11:50 AM ET

President Obama sat down for a series of interviews with local television outlets Monday, one of which ended with some presidential scorn for a Texas reporter.
Brad Watson of WFAA-TV in Dallas met with Obama in the White House to discuss the president's deficit plan and Texas politics. During their sitdown, he pressed Obama on his standing in the Lone Star State.

"Why are you so unpopular in Texas?" Watson asked the president.
Obama responded by claiming that the state had historically leaned Republican, but that he only "lost by a few percentage points" in 2008, perhaps a sign that politics in Texas were shifting.

"Well, you lost by about ten," Watson corrected, prompting the president to reply, "If what you're telling me is Texas is a conservative state, you're absolutely right."
After a few more chippy exchanges, Obama concluded the interview by telling Watson to "Let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, all right?"
Obama similarly confronted Fox News' Bret Baier during a testy interview last year in which the president accused the anchor of repeatedly interrupting him before he could fully respond to questioning.

Kliphnote: I'll tell you why he was interrupted.
Because Obama filibusters, talk and talk and talks his way
around an answer. 
A reporter has a time limit to ask the president a few questions.
The longer Obama takes to answer, the less questions he to answer.
And believe me he does not like questions on job growth, the debt
and the economy. 
He likes to campaign and make speeches on class warfare.



Obama administration eases pain of Medicare cuts

Updated: Apr 19, 2011 - 13:19PM
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Ricardo Alonso-zaldivar
WASHINGTON -Millions of seniors in popular private insurance plans offered through Medicare are getting a reprieve from some of the most controversial cuts in President Barack Obama's health care law.

The administration says it has decided to award quality bonuses to hundreds of Medicare Advantage plans rated just average. Under the new law, the quality bonuses were slated only for above-average plans. Critics call it a political move.

The $6.7 billion could head off service cuts that could have hurt Democrats in next year's elections.
The insurance industry says the bonuses will turn what would have averaged out as a net cut for the private insurance plans in 2012 into a slight increase.

An administration official says the reason for the bonuses is quality improvement, not politics. 
KN: Just BS. Obama cut $500 billion from Medicare.
Nothing from Medicaid. Just BS!





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