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Will Chris Christie Really Tell The NJ Supreme Court To Go Blow If It Rules Against Him On Education Cuts?


A lawsuit is pressed against him by a liberal advocacy group, relying on a series of cases cooked up by liberals, which claim that the state constitution's guarantee of a "thorough and efficient" education means, of course, that more money must be spent on poor-district schools than affluent ones.
Christie has canceled $1.7 billion of useless extra funding for failing schools, and if the Supreme Court decides once again to overstep its bounds and act as a super-legislature, he just might ignore its ruling.
I think it was Andrew Jackson who said of a US Supreme Court decision (regarding Indians' claims on land seized by the government), "The court has made its ruling; now let it enforce it."
“That’s an option,” Christie replied [in response to a question suggesting the possibility of simply ignoring the court]. “I’m not going to sit here and speculate. … There are a whole bunch of options in the contingency plan.” Christie spokesman Kevin Roberts last night would not say how seriously the governor is considering not complying.
Christie went on the attack against the state Supreme Court, a day after it heard oral arguments about whether he violated the state constitution by cutting public school funding last year.
Christie also took aim at Associate Justice Barry Albin, singling him out as an example of how “judges have lost their sense of place in our democracy.”

We always talk about our guys just doing this, just exercising their own judgment about the constitution and ignoring the courts.
If he does this, I tell you, he is The Man, without question.
I don't think he will. We never do this. But, it is possible: these court rulings are generally unpopular. If you're going to have a constitutional crisis challenging the pretend-authority of the court to act as super-legislator, this is as good as any issue to have it over.

500+ Convicted Criminals ‘Teach’ In NYC

April 25th, 2011
From the New York Post:

NYC’s fire-proof criminal teachers go back to class

April 25, 2011
They’ve killed, looted taxpayer funds and committed other heinous crimes — but the city can’t keep these criminals out of the classroom.
More than 500 teachers convicted of crimes in the last five years — from drunken driving to assault to manslaughter — are still skulking around the schools because the Department of Education is hamstrung from getting rid of them.
Only those with sex-related convictions can be given the boot immediately — but the rest of the rogues’ gallery gets to continue teaching throughout the arduous process of disciplinary hearings, according to records obtained by The Post.
Aren’t unions wonderful? By the way, why are some criminals more equal than others?
Among the most vile is Staten Island elementary-school teacher Kim DePrima, who was entrusted with the care of her special-education students even after a conviction for failing to keep her pit bulls from mauling to death a 90-year-old neighbor in August 2008
DePrima hardly learned her lesson and was arrested again in January, when the ex-con she was with shot up the home of one of her ex-boyfriends. An unspent 9mm round was found in her car.
She’s been temporarily sidelined — but allowed to keep her paychecks — and will return to the classroom if acquitted.
But the first manslaughter rap should have been the final straw for DePrima, outraged officials said.
"Why would you allow a convicted felon to teach impressionable young children? What kind of message does that send to them, let alone their parents and the taxpayers of this city?" asked Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan.

Money on way for low performing schools

Updated: Wednesday, 20 Oct 2010, 8:45 AM EDT
Published : Wednesday, 20 Oct 2010, 8:45 AM EDT
BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - Millions of dollars are on the way to help turn around Buffalo's lowest performing schools.

State Education officials approved the district's plan to help improve School 45, the Martin Luther King Institute, Bennett and South Park high schools.

They'll be getting almost $8 million in aid.

Meeting held over high drop-out rates

Updated: Monday, 25 Apr 2011, 6:10 PM EDT
Published : Monday, 25 Apr 2011, 6:10 PM EDT
BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - High drop-out rates have concerned community members calling on the Buffalo School Board.

Two school board members and a dozen concerned residents met to discuss high drop-out rates in Buffalo schools. Hispanics United members called the meeting, hoping concerns of Hispanic students would not be forgotten as the school superintendent created a plan to improve graduation rates district-wide.

Casimiro Rodriguez points out that 11 percent of the school population is known as English Language Learners, whose primary language is not English. And among those students, the graduation rates is only 36 percent.

Rodriguez said, "You know, there's a lot of federal funds, a lot of state funds, a lot of local funds going in the Buffalo school district for these programs, and we want to see some improvement."

School board president Ralph Hernandez said, "Dr. Williams and his team right now are working diligently, as hard as they possibly can, to put together a cohesive package that the board can review within the next couple days or so."

The school superintendent has to have the plan worked out by May 9th.

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