Friday, April 8, 2011


Dr. Vincent Courtillot on how the Sun controls climate, not CO2…

This was up in the featured post section for a few days and it’s such a good video I had to bring it down to the main page.
It features a 30 minute presentation by Dr. Vincent Courtillot who is a professor of geophysics at the University Paris-Diderot and Chair of paleomagnetism and geodynamics of the Institut Universitaire de France. It’s a fascinating and concise presentation, well worth the 30 minutes of your time to watch. In it he explains how solar cycles control the climate and also notes that IPCC climate computer models do not correlate with observations….I know, shocker. He also talks about the temperature trends vary substantially between North America and Europe, contrary to the IPCC computer model predictions.


ClimateGate Critic Says Initial Re-Survey Of Temperature Changes Matches Warmists' Numbers Very Closely


A little disappointing.

Remember this guy?

He's not a climate-change-skeptic so much as a ClimateGate critic -- the distinction being he's calling what was done during ClimateGate ("hide the decline") anti-scientific, but that doesn't mean he's actually a skeptic of their claims. His gripe is proceduralist. (An important proceduralist critique but still about process.)

He slammed the ClimateGate temperature-finagelers but also notes, at the end, he's part of a special project to revisit the numbers with independent, uncompromised eyes and see if the temperature record really is as the warmists say.
Well, he's looked at 2% of the data and says that so far it's very close to what had previously been claimed.

Cuba to drill five new oil wells by 2013
HAVANA — Cuba on Tuesday announced plans to drill five deepwater oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico beginning this summer, expressing confidence that its efforts will be rewarded with major new energy finds.
"We're about to move to the drilling phase," said Manuel Marrero, an official with the government authority tasked with overseeing Cuba's oil sector.
"We're all really hopeful that we will be able to discover large reserves of oil and gas," said Marrero, who added that the ventures would be undertaken with the help of unspecified foreign companies.
He said the deepwater wells were to be drilled between 2011 and 2013, and would be in waters ranging in depth between 400 meters (a quarter mile) and 1,500 meters (1.6 miles). He did not specify which countries would be among the foreign partners working with Havana on the project.

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