Friday, March 25, 2011

Union BS

International President Tom Buffenbarger called on delegates at the 2011 MNPL Planning Committee meeting to meet with members, face-to-face, and explain the scope of the right wing's anti-union and anti-middle class agenda currently underway in the United States.

International President Tom Buffenbarger addressed the 2011 MNPL National Planning Committee this week and described the midterm elections results as a direct consequence of both political parties’ failure to address the core concerns of American voters.
“In the midst of the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, voters wanted bold programs and concrete proposals to create jobs and revive the economy,” said Buffenbarger. “It’s what the voters are still waiting for, and it’s what this country still needs.”
Despite the election of a slew of right-wing extremists, the results are also providing a wake-up call for the millions of Americans who stayed away from the polls last year. 

“The people of Wisconsin learned an important lesson and now they’re teaching the rest of us,” said Buffenbarger, who described the extraordinary mix of farmers, office workers, students and families who turned out for the protests there. “It’s not just about unions any more, it’s about what’s right.”
Nationwide, more than 200 rallies and marches have taken place in support of workers’ rights in Wisconsin, or in response to nearly 400 pieces oanti-union legislation being proposed by right-wing GOP governors in other states.

Top 10 International IAM Leaders & Staff (by Salary)
Name Title   Total Compensation
Buffenbarger Robert   International President     $ 275,570
Mart Warren   General Secretary-treas     $ 254,563
Martinez Robert   General Vice President     $ 238,823
Pearson Lee   General Vice President     $ 237,126
Tucker Lynn   General Vice President     $ 236,228
Ritchie Dave   General Vice President     $ 232,097
Michalski Richard   General Vice President     $ 232,094
Brown James   General Vice President     $ 226,203
Roach Jr Robert   General Vice President     $ 223,087
Allison Beck-chernikoff   General Counsel     $ 216,320
[show all officers & salaries]

Kliphnote: I got a letter from my old union today.
The first letter from them in years. So I knew what it was about.
(I would show it here, but I ripped it up)
It was about "right-wing extremists"and anti-union.
And they wanted money. No money from me!

Maybe Bob Buffenbarger should give some of his $275,000.
Maybe Matt Warren should give some of his $254,000.
The list goes on and on.

They call themselves the "fighting machinist",
The same ones that required a contract to be turned 
down by 66%, to go on strike, not 51%. 
That's fighting? 
Not when management knows the same thing.
That's wimping out.

But lets understand this: I'm pro union, for the most part.
(I just don't like how the unions defend the lazy and 
screw-up, over and over)
That is private employee union. Not public employee unions.

Public employee unions endorse and fund their bosses, the politician.
That's why they get a good contract. At the tax payers expense.

The private employee union can't do that.

And if anyone wants to support public unions you can
donate to their pension or wages. 
Just send the union a check.

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