Sunday, March 6, 2011


U.S. May Reject Off-Shore Drilling Permits Due to Ruling

The Obama administration says it may have to reject seven permits for deep-water drilling that have become the subject of high-profile legal and political battles if a federal judge in New Orleans forces the government to make a quick decision on the applications.
In court filings late Friday, the Interior Department said the permit applications are flawed or incomplete, and that Judge Martin Feldman's order that it decide on them before the end of the month disrupts the normal back-and-forth negotiations between oil companies and federal regulators. 

KN: I can say "I told you so".Read here
If  any leftheads have an open mind (ha,ha) watch the Political Documentary 
by a Democrat  backer on Netflix:  Media Malpractice. 
It says what I have been saying since day one.
Of course I have my eyes open and my head out of the sand.
I can hear it now.  XXXXXX

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