Saturday, March 26, 2011

Left and violence

After blitz of the Ritz, it's the siege of Fortnum & Mason: Anarchists hijack the anti-cuts demo and go on rampage in central London

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 10:59 PM on 26th March 2011

  • Hooded anarchists attack London landmarks linked to luxury and wealth
Extremists brought violent chaos to Central London yesterday after hijacking the much-heralded trade union protest against public spending cuts.
Splinter groups broke off from the main body of more than 250,000 demonstrators marching from Victoria Embankment to Hyde Park to launch an assault on the capital’s main shopping district.
Some were hellbent on storming – or destroying – any London landmarks synonymous with luxury or money. Others targeted companies associated with tax avoidance.
Civil disobedience: Demonstrators use a giant road sign to smash through a plate glass window at the Ritz Hotel

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Left again, violence. Not a surprise.

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