Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday***Election day **Update 1**

Are democrats cheating in New Jersey?
Democratic strategist Pat Caddell accused democrats of dirty tricks in the New Jersey Governor’s race today. There have been 15 times more absentee ballots turned in this year in Camden, New Jersey than last year when Barack Obama was running for president.

Mr. Biden said Mr. Hoffman's views are consistent with those of Mr. Limbaugh, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who he lumped together as right-wing neoconservatives who "will not tolerate" dissenting views.

KN: Joe(Who?) Biden, it sounds like it's you that "will not tolerate dissenting views"

Analysis: Anger, frustration fuel Election Day 2009

By Paul Steinhauser, CNN Deputy Political Director

Washington (CNN) — As voters across the country head to the polls Tuesday, one thing appears certain: Many of them are angry.

And that anger could shape the results of three of the most high-profile elections this year — gubernatorial battles in New Jersey and Virginia and the fight for an open seat in New York’s 23rd Congressional District.

National polls indicate that many voters are in a foul mood. The big question is whether that mood will continue into 2010, when the entire House of Representatives, more than a third of the Senate and more than a third of the governorships are up for grabs…

Anger could also be a factor in New Jersey and Virginia, the only two states that hold gubernatorial contests in the year after a presidential election. For the past 32 years, the party that won the White House lost Virginia the next year. It’s been the same story in New Jersey for the past two decades. History may repeat itself in 2009.

NKorea claims to expand arsenal of atomic bombs

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - North Korea claimed Tuesday that it has successfully weaponized more plutonium for atomic bombs, a day after warning Washington to agree quickly to direct talks or face the prospect of a growing North Korean nuclear arsenal.

The announcement underlined Pyongyang's impatience over securing one-on-one talks with Washington, as well as the difficulties in dealing with a regime that resorts to threats and provocations to get what it wants.

Russia simulates nuclear attack on Poland

November 03, 2009

A Polish leading news magazine, Wprost, has obtained documents that show that Russia and Belarus conducted a war game that simulated nuclear attacks on Poland.

The war games took place back in September around the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Poland by the Soviet Union. If you recall, the Obama administration also canceled the missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland.



Isn't it strange when the Democrats won both houses of congress, the Democrats blamed it on Bush. But if the Republicans win on Tuesday, the Democrats will say it has nothing to do with Obama. You can't have it both ways! But next year will tell more.

If I were a politician, my campaign slogan would be: "I will work for nothing, and you will get your moneys worth".

Is ACORN waiting to sue someone over the election?

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