Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh, what to do

Pelosi, Dems Consider Windfall Insurance Tax

Democrats are looking at the possibility of a windfall profits tax on insurance companies as part of healthcare reform, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday.

Pelosi said she had asked House Ways and Means Committee chairman Charles Rangel to examine the possibility and report back to her.

"This is very preliminary," she told reporters.

But she added that insurance companies would get some 50 million new consumers, many subsidized by taxpayers, under reforms Democrats are planning and "we think they can put more on the table."


WASHINGTON -- President Obama is inclined to send only as many more U.S. troops to Afghanistan as are needed to keep Al Qaeda at bay, a senior administration official said.

The official, in an interview with The Associated Press, also added that the president is prepared to accept some Taliban involvement in Afghanistan's political future, reiterating what Obama said in March.

Kliphnote: Here we go again.

Another windfall profit tax. First it was the oil companies.

Now it's the health insurance companies. I heard, from a Liberal, that the health insurance companies have made a 140% profit over the last ten years. That makes it 14% a year. Most companies consider ten percent a year is the minimum profit to make. So 14% is doing well. Buy their stock.

Why not any company that makes a profit that the Democrats think is too much? How about Google or Microsoft or any company. They are all private companies. I think they should look into government contractors. How about people that make too much money? Actors that make 20 million a movie. Athletes that make 20 million a year.

I think Congress make too much, start with them.

As I said, Obama has no idea what to do in Afghanistan. Runs off at the mouth without the foggiest idea. McChrystal wants 40-60k troops. Obama may give him 15-20k.

Than wait for a time line to get out.

How low will the dollar go before Obama says/does something.

When will Charlie Rangel get his hand slapped.

When will we start drilling off shore. Ha,ha...........NEVER!

Edgar Allan Poe (January 19, 1809 – October 7, 1849)

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