Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween


From my poison keyboard I write this:
What is really scary(it is Halloween) that Obama and his gaggle
are reminding me of Richard Nixon.

Nixon complained about the liberal media. Back than it was the whole media.

Now Obama and his lemmings are complaining about the conservative media.
There is only one "conservative" media, Fox News.
Just one and he whines about it. Let me say it again, ONLY ONE!

But it was fine when the liberal media criticized Bush. That was just fine.

Get a life. Obama just can't take any criticism, very thin skinned.
That is why he surrounds himself with "Yes men".

Am not only one that is tired of hearing Obama blaming someone else.

PS. I think all should have health care. Just NOT government run health care.

The government should provide ways to make health insurance less expensive.
Should have tax write offs for small business as well as large.

Should not punish those that have "gold plated" health insurance
by taxing them.
Still don't know why they would do that.

The House has an almost 2000 page bill. Who is going to read that?
There will be one line in the whole bill that will get through that people
will not like. But they won't know about it until it's passed.

The cost of private insurance will go up. Mine already has. And my service has gone down. It's already costing me more money. A lot more!

My credit card interest rate has gone up. Just as I said in the past it would.
"That's because credit-card companies are rushing to raise rates and tack on extra fees ahead of a law slated to take effect Feb. 22 that is supposed to limit such moves in the future. In some cases, rates are doubling to as high as 30 percent or more, even for people who pay their bills on time."



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