Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Democrats lock Republicans out

Democrats lock Republicans out of committee room

By Susan Crabtree - 10/20/09 05:47 PM ET

Rep. Edolphus Towns (D-N.Y.) locked Republicans out of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee room to keep them from meeting when Democrats aren’t present.

Towns’ action came after repeated public ridicule from the leading Republican on the committee, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), over Towns’s failure to launch an investigation into Countrywide Mortgage’s reported sweetheart deals to VIPs.
For months Towns has refused Republican requests to subpoena records in the case. Last Thursday Committee Republicans, led by Issa, were poised to force an open vote on the subpoenas at a Committee mark-up meeting. The mark-up was abruptly canceled. Only Republicans showed up while Democrats chairs remained empty.

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama won a modest victory Tuesday in his continuing effort to close the Guantanamo Bay prison inCuba, allowing the government to continue to transfer detainees at the facility to the U.S. to be prosecuted.

The plan to permit terrorist suspects held at the facility to be shipped to U.S. soil to face trial passed the Senate by a 79-19 vote as part of a larger $44.1 billion budget bill for the Homeland Security Department.

The measure already passed by the House now goes to Obama for his signature. The Guantanamo provision generally tracks restrictions already in place that block release of detainees in the U.S., but permits them to be tried here.

KN: Bring the detainees to US soil and they will have the same rights as US citizens. Now the ACLU will defend them. Just what Obama wanted.

Kliphnote: No big surprise. The Dems control everything. But they can't get anything done.
They blame the GOP.
Obama has his enemy list. He can't get along with the opposition. Why is that?
Because Obama has never had to deal with anyone that opposes him.

He never ran a business and never ran a state as a governor.
Now, that was said here on the "CFO" in the past. You were warned.
The least experienced president in the last 100 years. Ever?

He doesn't know how to deal with those that disagree with him.
So he makes his enemy list, Fox News, GOP, Health Insurance company's. anyone.
He has had it his way his whole life.

Remember his 100 "present" votes. Shows he doesn't want the responsibility.
Only the show.

He gets away with his Cheshire smile and his teleprompter speech's.

Obama has a HUGE ego, vain, .........narcissism.
Bob Dylan's song "License to Kill" refers indirectly to Narcissus:
"Now he worships at an altar of a stagnant pool /And when he sees his reflection, he's fulfilled."

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