Monday, September 21, 2009

Upstate NY in permanent recession

Obama: Upstate(NY)in

permanent recession

Business First of Buffalo - The Albany Business Review

In his half-hour speech, Obama noted the plight manufacturing

has faced in upstate New York. Over the past 20 years,

the state has lost half its manufacturing positions—

a drop of almost 500,000 jobs.

“Communities like this were once the heart of America’s

manufacturing strengths,” Obama said. “Troy and

Upstate New York have been dealing with what amounts

to a permanent recession for years.”


This is what than Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said:

Comparing upstate New York's sputtering economy to Appalachia. 2006

NY Governor Hugh Carey gave Buffalo money after

the "blizzard of 77'" calling the area "economically depressed".

That was in 1977.

Now the president of the US, Obama, is saying the same thing.

And guess what? Taxes keep going up. Just unbelievable.

I just drove through the southern states.

I saw three new (Kia, Hyundai, and Nissan ) auto plants.

Why are there new plants down south but no new plants up north?

Part of the reason is unions, but the other part is because of taxes.

Tax free and tax breaks. Southern states give

$100s millions in tax breaks to business.

NY keeps increasing taxes. And they wonder why

Upstate is in a "permanent recession". For well over 30 years.

I don't mind helping the helpless,

but I do mind helping the clueless.

And NY State is clueless.

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