Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Only white people are racist?


Jeffrey Stingerstein said...

MSNBC is a bunch of idiots. I just criticized a guy who had a rifle at a meeting in Arizona, because that is so completely counter productive to 2nd amendment rights. To bring a gun to a Town Hall meeting is just freakin' stupid. But if MSNBC took half a second to do a bit of research they would see that the guy was BLACK! A black man with a gun at an Obama Town Hall meeting is NOT there because he's a racist, unless of course he planned on using that gun against whites specifically.

The whole world is full of stupid.

Did you notice, BTW, that Fox News online downplayed the 95 people killed in Baghadad today even everyone else covered it, including the WSJ. It's as if they think the Iraq War is unimportant all of a sudden.

Kliph said...

I don't read Fox News on line.
I can't recall the last time I was there.
I don't use them for news online.