Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why is it?

Why is it?

Why is it at the GOP convention the protesters are ALWAYS some left wing kooks?
Protesting is one thing but to vandalize is not the same as a peaceful protest.

Then someone will protest that the vandals getting arrested. Protesters at the RNC are resorting to increasing levels of violence, attacking the Connecticut delegation with bleach.
War protesters my ass. They don't care about the war.
If we were not at war they would still protest, something.
It is just an other reason to cause trouble.
But some will defend them. Saying they have a right to be vandals.
Get a life.

I also find it interesting that John McCain picks Sarah Palin for vice president and the left wing is up in arms. Oh, I guess the Lefty's ONLY want a liberal women in the white house. It is sexism. What a joke.

Sarah Palin's daughter is pregnant and the left wing is finding something wrong with that. The left wing should be happy. It's not like it's the first time a unwed teenager has been pregnant.
Barack Obama's mom got pregnant as an unmarried teenager. How soon they forget. But the Lefty's are still looking for dirt. Some will say it just proves the abstinence does not work. Well, you should know abstinence DOES work. Maybe what we should do is hand out condoms at school, that also works. But I'm sure the Lefty's will get their undies in a knot.

Sarah Palin's daughter is off limits in the campaign, as are all family members.
It was Obama who said his wife was off limits, while she was campaigning for him.
Unless you are a family member campaigning of the candidate, you should be off limits. But, if you are actively campaigning, you are NOT off limits.
You don't like it, don't campaign.

Let us not judge the candidates by their children or their spouses or their spiritual advisers.

Obama is the most inexperienced presidential nominee, EVER!

And BTW who is more qualified, Obama with less than one term as a senator, and half of that time he was running for president, and being a community organizer. Or Sarah Palin who is the governor for two years as well as being a Mayor for ten years. Well, if you are a Obama backer would would say, Obama has more experience. Doing what? Let's talk Executive experience.
It is not about what you did in the past, it is what you will do in the future.
And what you stand for. Do you have a Liberal or an Conservative agenda.
But I do get a kick out of the left. They make me laugh, at times. Go figure.

Some think that if McCain wins will we will have a race war.
If we have a race war, it will NOT be McCain's fault.
Who's fault will it be? Up the blame where it belongs.
Blacks will not vote for McCain.
I say 97% [+-3%] of black voters will vote for Obama.

The left will go after
Sarah Palin.
Just watch the left leaning press and media go after her.

The media will do anything to get their man in.

Democrats have released Sarah Palin's social security number minus the last four digits. Also tied to the information are her various home addresses.
Democrats have said Sarah Palin baby has Down Syndrome
and it was her fault.
And Sarah Palin is not the real mother of the baby, it is her daughters.
It was all a cover up.
This is the kind of sick people we have.

The same media that reported that Todd Palin had a DWI in 1984,
but what they fail to mention is that Obama
admitted using both cocaine and marijuana at about the same time.

And to think some on the left say it is time for the GOP to
stop the character assassinations.
And when will the Democrats stop the character assassinations?
Look in the mirror.

I can picture how angry the left must be. Sarah Palin carried a Down Syndrome
baby full term and she is a life member of the NRA.

Unemployment is 5.5% the economy grew 3.3% the last quarter.
Why is it Obama says the economy is bad? When it is not. Take a look at the rest of the world. The US is doing better than most.
Of course if you think China is doing better, than move to China.

Why is it that the Liberal/Democrats
always seem so

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