Monday, September 1, 2008

Here we go again

Here we go again.
I met with a friend over the week end. And as usual he brings up politics. And as usual he is ill-informed. He blames the economic slow down on "Bush trade deal with China".
I don't think he believed me when I told him it was Bill Clinton that got the trade deal with China..
China does have a lot to do with the price of oil going up, because they are using a lot more.
Clinton signed NAFTA. And also the stock market was going down and jobs were being lost and we were going into a recession when
Clinton left office. He also says we were in a recession. Again he is wrong. A recession is two quarters in a row with negative growth. We have NOT had that.
Of course, if you listen to the the media you would think we are.
It's like the have an agenda.

But much of the world has a slow economy.

Japan's economy faces a difficult situation in which growth is slowing and prices are rising
, Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa said Tuesday.

Britain is facing "arguably the worst" economic downturn in 60 years which will be "more profound and long-lasting"

Europe is struggling to stay above water. Figures released on August 14th showed that the euro-area economy shrank at an annualised rate of 0.8% in the second quarter, the first such reverse since 2001. Nor are things likely to improve soon.

Did you find it interesting who McCain picked for his vice presidential candidate? Sarah Palin.
I found it interesting that Obama wants "Change" but picks Joe Biden for VP. Biden is not "Change", it's the same old Washington insider with 36 years as a US senator.

I know that Biden was picked because Obama has no experience, foreign or other wise.

But the two "inexperience" candidates, Obama and Palin, how do they compare. What kind of Executive experience. Obama has NONE. Palin mayor for 10 years and governor for 2 years.
What kind of foreign relations experience. Obama chairs the senate subcommittee on Europe, but has never been called into session. And once gave a speech in Germany.

Palin, Governor of a state that borders two foreign countries.

My belief is a Governor makes more decisions in a week than a senator makes in a year. And a lot more then the senator that has been in office for only three years and half of the time he's been running for the presidency.

"Speaking on Face The Nation Sunday, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who was announced Friday as presumptive GOP nominee John McCain’s running mate, is more qualified to be president than Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama." ***************************************************************************************************************** This is some of the high lights from Obama's Nomination speech.
Or as MSNBC called it a "symphony."

This is Obama's words:
"today, as my call for a time frame to remove our troops from Iraq has been echoed by the Iraqi government" "My call"? As if he had anything to do with it. It was the surge that worked and that he was against.

"will cut taxes -- cut taxes -- for 95 percent of all working families, because, in an economy like this, the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the middle class." "In 10 years, we will finally end our dependence on oil from the Middle East."
Does he really believe this? In 10 years? And not drill here?

"And I'll invest $150 billion over the next decade in affordable, renewable sources of energy -- wind power, and solar power (OTCBB:SOPW) , and the next generation of biofuels -- an investment that will lead to new industries and 5 million new jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced."
And where is he going to get the money? By closing loop holes?

"I will also renew the tough, direct diplomacy that can prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and curb Russian aggression."
He will talk tough, directly to Iran. And Iran will listen. Why would Iran listen to Obama. What kind of tough talk can he say?

"Washington has been talking about our oil addiction for the last 30 years. And, by the way, John McCain has been there for 26 of them."
And Biden for 36 years.

"And today, we import triple the amount of oil than we had on the day that Senator McCain took office."
And more so since Biden.

"I'll make it easier for the American people to afford these new cars."
And how are you going to do that?

"I'll invest in early childhood education. I'll recruit an army of new teachers, and pay them higher salaries"
Don't teachers make enough money now?
And who pays the teachers, the tax payers.

"Now -- now is the time to finally keep the promise of affordable, accessible health care for every single American." "Now is the time to help families with paid sick days and better family leave"
I'd like to know how he is going to pay for all this and still give a tax cut to
95% of the working people.

"You know, John McCain likes to say that he'll follow bin Laden to the gates of Hell, but he won't even follow him to the cave where he lives."
Does Obama plan on invading Pakistan?

"You don't defeat -- you don't defeat a terrorist network that operates in 80 countries by occupying Iraq. You don't protect Israel and deter Iran just by talking tough in Washington."
But you don't say how your going to defeat terrorism. And you don't say how your going to "protect Israel and deter Iran", you say tough talk from Washington will not do it, but what is direct diplomacy other than talk?

Well, Mr. Obama, I hope you can keep your promises. Because you have promised a lot. Just hope it is not all BS.

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