Sunday, August 17, 2008

More lies

More lies. I know we come to expect our politicians to lie. But only a journalist with their eyes and ears closed would believe what they heard Saturday night at a two hour forum on faith, in Lake Forest, California. My guess is no one heard it. The nation and apparently the journalist were too busy watching the gold medal performance of our swimmers in the Olympics. The story made it to page A6 in the local paper. Low priority.

Presidential candidate Barack Obama says in the Bible, Jesus says,
"Whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me."
Obama says it should apply to Poverty, Sexism and Racism. He does not say how he plans to solve those problems. Just that we have those problems. I can't imagine how he plans to solve those problems.
Of course that was the first item it mentions in the local paper.

What the local paper failed to say is how he lied about his abortion stand. He says he is not in favor of "late term abortion". That is an out right lie! He has voted in favor of "late term abortion" also known as "partial birth abortion.
Obama in 2002 vote against the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act.
That is an infant born alive, also known as a "baby".

If a baby is allowed to die that is murder. But that was alright with Obama. He voted against keeping the baby alive. Than he says under George Bush's eight years, abortions have not gone down. Another lie! Abortions have gone down under Bush.

You can argue when life begins, but one thing for sure is, a baby is alive.

Just how can Obama quote the Bible and Jesus and still be in favor of "late term abortion" is beyond me.
Just more Obama double talk. And to think, people think he is great. The chosen one.

But the "journalist" never called Obama on his abortion lie.
Not a big surprise.

Now Obama is proving he is a manly man, NOT. The Obama campaign was in full spin mode this week touting its decision to allow Hillary Clinton to have a roll call vote at the convention so her delegates can register their support of her. If Obama has the nomination he should tell Clinton to sit down and be quiet.
But he wont. Clinton will do anything to under cut Obama.
She thinks she can still get the nomination. Obama is afraid of Clinton, just like he was afraid to go on Fox news channel for a debate, moderated by Brit Hume, with his own party.
I doubt you will see him on the Fox news channel to debate John McCain.
Someone may ask him a tough question.

If he is that afraid, how is he going to deal with world leaders?

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