Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You choose

It was another fine day in Happyville, USA.

Moms are taking kids to
soccer games.
Dads are mowing lawns.

All the kids are "A" students in school.
Life couldn't be better.

But there was trouble in Happyville.
Their favorite food was going up in price.
The main stable for the community was Peanut Butter.

And the
community could do little about it. The farms of the world,WFA,(World farmers Association) that produced Peanut Butter would not increase production.
They were happy with the price increase.
They have built more elaborate farms on the increase.

The town board would not allow more farming in the town. The board said "You are using only a quarter of the land you have, why give you more".
The town's people said. "But the land we have is rocks and sand and clay, we can't grow on it."

The president of the town board,Mr. Ghush, agreed with the town's people, he said "plant and grow will bring the price down".

But the town board lead by Nogan Polasso and Havno Reino didn't like
Mr. Ghush so they didn't want to agree with anything that Mr. Ghush wanted.
Even if it meant that it was costing the people more.

The town board said eat something else. But the people said we don't have anything else to eat. The town board said grow something else.. Again the people said we nothing else to grow.

gan Polasso and Havno Reino
were hoping that the price of Peanut Butter would make Mr. Ghush look bad.
In doing so they were hoping to get someone they liked to be
Even if it meant that it was costing the people more.

But the price kept going up. The people were spending more on Peanut Butter than ever.

But instead of getting rid of Mr. Ghush, the people got rid of
Nogan Polasso and Havno Reino.

Now the people can
"plant and grow" in the town.
The price has come down just as
Mr. Ghush said it would.

It was an other fine day in Happyville. Life couldn't be better.

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