Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pandering - Part 1

The definition of pandering is:To cater to the lower tastes and
desires of others or exploit their weaknesses.

That is what our politicians are doing. And they are doing it for one
reason. That is to protect their jobs.
Who wants the gas prices to raise? Environmentalist want the price to
go up. Because when the prices go
up people can't afford to put gas in their SUV's and pickup trucks.
Environmentalist want gas hogs and
polluting vehicles like that off the road. They want to dictate what you drive.

I'm all for a better environment. I spend more time in the environment
,in the woods and on the water,
than all the presidential candidates together. But we need to drill
for oil in the US.

When are the people going to realize that gas prices don't have to be this high.
We don't have one presidential candidate that has a plan to lower the
price of gas. They don't have a plan
to be oil independent. We have plenty of oil in the US, we just have
to drill for it.

But when interviewed John McCain said the will not drill in ARWR he
will not drill in the
Grand Canyon or the Everglades. He says he is an environmentalist.
When asked the same question Hillary Clinton said it would take ten
years to get the oil to market, so she does not want to drill for more
oil. She wants to create "Green Jobs"
But she has no details. Why ? Because she is for a better environment.
Obama is against the giving the taxpayers a break on gas tax for the summer.
He also is against more drilling. He wants alternative fuel.
Clinton and Obama want to do is raise taxes on oil companies. How
is that going to lower gas prices?

No answers for the rising gas prices.
Why are the candidates against drilling for more oil? Because they are
pandering to the environmentalist. They need their money
and their vote. At the expense of the rest of the American people. And the
security of the US.
If anyone can tell me what the candidates plans are to reduce the
price of gas, let me know.

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