Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The next president

Who do you want as president? Do you want someone who decides what
their stand is on the issues based on the latest polls?
Let's take a look at some of the issues from the three most likely
candidates. There are many issues to choose from but let's take only
a few.
First is Iraq. The polls say the war is unpopular.
Obama said he was against the war from the beginning. But he never
voted on it because he wasn't a senator until three years ago. He must
have known something his fellow Democrats didn't know. He should have
shared his inside information.
Clinton says she is against the war,now. But she voted for the war.
She is flip-flopping like John Kerry. They do what ever the polls say
is popular.
Besides she and her fellow Democrats said Iraq had and was seeking WMD's.
John McCain said to continue the war to stabilize the region. And we
may be there a long time. Just as we have been
in Germany and Japan for a long time. To stabilize the region.
One issue of many to come.

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