Saturday, March 22, 2008


What happened to the price of gas? I thought it was going to be $4.00
a gallon by now.
The price of oil went down the same as gold, it went down. Could it be
we were in a
"commodity bubble"? Remember the "housing Bubble, the media kept tell us we were
in a bubble for years. When the bubble burst than we were in a "crisis mode".
I guess you can't go on forever with home prices going up the way they were.
You knew they had to come down. But the good news is, if you want to
buy, now is the time.
Now we are in a mortgage crisis. People were buying homes that they
were barely able
to afford. And with a Adjustable Rate Mortgage(ARM) It looks like they
didn't know the
meaning of "adjustable". Adjustable means the rate could go down or it
could go up.
If you can't make your payment, don't worry the government will help you out.
Now the media is telling us we are in a "recession". What is a
recession? A recession
is two quarters of negative growth. Again, guess what, we have not had
one quarter of
negative growth. Yes, things are slow, again you didn't think things could
go full speed for ever.
It's almost like it's wishful thinking of the media. The more you talk about
it the more likely it will happen. What causes a recession? It's when
people stop spending
money. Why would people stop spending money? Because they think we are
in recession.
It's a catch 22. Some presidential hopefuls keep telling us we are in
a recession only to
benefit themselves. They think they can save us from ourselves.

Speaking of presidential hopefuls. Why is it that the msm is falling
over itself over Barack Obama?
According to the media he can do no wrong. I have never seen the media
fall in love with a candidate like
they have with Obama, maybe JFK.
He makes speeches and people are fainting, he coughs and people
applaud. His friend and spiritual adviser can spout anti-white hatred.
But as long as Barack Obama
makes a nice speech about race, now he's alright. If McCain's pastor
said those things people would insist he leave
the church. But he calls his racist white Grandmother your "Typical
white person". But that's alright, it's Obama.
People say that Obama's pastor ,Rev. Wright, has done many good
things, don't judge him on only one thing.
Besides "God damn America"
Well, Don Imus did many good things as well but that didn't stop
people from judging him on what he said.
Obama can give $22,500 to the church, but he didn't know what was
going on in the church.
Since the beginning of time the world has had many people that gave
good speeches
and were articulate. But was there any substance? Barack Obama says
Americans don't save enough, but he
doesn't want them to save through there Social Security fund. He wants
to raise taxes on SS, typical Liberal.

This week marks the fifth year since the "invasion" on Iraq. Did we
"invade" France on D-day?
Almost 4000 US deaths have occurred since than. But lets look at that
figure. On D-day About 2,500 GI's died on the beaches and 2,600
paratroopers died. And 3,100 Germans died. In ONE day.
No-one knows precisely how many people died in the war as a whole but
it is believed to be around 50,000,000
In Vietnam, at the height of the war
we were losing 2500(1968) a week.
Some people want us to leave Iraq now. Just like we left Vietnam. We
never lost a battle in Vietnam,
the only battle we lost was with the American people. And I believe it
all started with CBS news
Walter Cronkite. We lost over 58,000 American soldiers, than just left.
But we still have soldiers and sailors in Japan, and Korea, and
Germany for 60 years.
And we have had peace in those countries since. And Japan, Korea and
Germany don't want us to leave.
Do you think the people in Iraq want us to leave?
Did the people in South Vietnam want us to leave? NO! But we said to
hell with you, and we left. The region turned Communist, reports of three million
died in Cambodia. How many died in Vietnam after we left? Who knows.
It sounds like some want to do the same thing now.
In the US we lose almost 2000 a year in swimming pool deaths.
Anyone dieing is bad but as far as war goes this one has had the least
amount of deaths.
So, how bad the deaths sound, it could be worse.

When will China stop oppressing it's people?
"The Tibetan government-in-exile - headed by the Dalai Lama, regarded
by many Tibetans as their spiritual leader - says at least 99 people
have died in the crackdown by Chinese troops."
Do we boycott the summer Olympics in China this year? No, that will
not do any good. We need the whole world.
I see Nancy Pelosi had a meeting with the Dalai Lama in India.
Condemning China. That's good.
Why did she go to India? I have no idea. Why didn't she go to Congress
and propose that we increase all
tariffs on China's imports, until they stopped their oppression.
Because it is our buying Chinese goods that is boosting their economy.
Why did she go to Syria, April 2007, a "state sponsor of terror."?
Because she didn't get anything done, but undermine the US.
We boycotted the 1980 summer Olympics in Russia, because of the
invasion on Afghanistan.
Maybe what we should do is what French Foreign Minister Bernard
Kouchner says and
boycott the opening ceremonies.
China will be problem in the future. They will want Taiwan to be part
of main land China.
I'm sure a future president and congress think they can talk to them
and make them understand.
If push comes to shove and China attacks Taiwan we will have a war.
But will we defend Taiwan?
Not with the congress we have now. Where has the EU been in all this?
It's time we showed China we mean business.
Be strong be free.

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