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Price of oil and your freedom

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Why is it with the price of gas and oil going up, some, if not most,
still don't want to do any more oil drilling in the US.
Every time there is talk of drilling on the Outer Continental shelf
or in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge(ANWR) the environmentalist have
a fit. They always say that a Caribou or a fish will be displaced
That's what was said about the Alaska pipe line
( ) 30 years ago. And guess
what. It never happened. No Caribou were displaced. And the pipeline
is still pumping oil. This is not going to be East Texas in the
1920's with oil derricks everywhere. It's go to be computer controlled
directional drilling. With few derricks.
With minimal disruption of the landscape.The part of ANWR that would
be used for oil drilling
( is small. Some
say ANWR only has six months of oil, WRONG!
ANWR contains what experts say might be the largest supply of oil and
gas in America's history. The U.S. Geological Survey says ANWR could
produce up to 16 billion barrels of oil. That's enough to replace 30
years of Saudi Arabian imports.
Besides, the people of Alaska and the natives Americans of Alaska want
more oil drilling, in Alaska.
I just wonder how many of these "environmentalist" have never been to
Alaska and if their life depended on it, couldn't find ANWR on a map.
Now there is talk of not being able to import oil from Canada.
Canada's government recently sent U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates
a letter warning that it might not be able to sell the U.S. any of the
oil America needs for national defense, according to the Financial
Times of London.
The reason: The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which
was passed with "great gusto and self-righteousness by the Democratic
Under the Act, tar sands are considered an alternative fuel, and the
law requires oil sold to the U.S. government from alternative sources
to emit fewer greenhouse gases than oil produced from conventional
Not only that but the "Environmentalist" say it's too dirty to
produce. They say the same thing about coal to oil production.
So, guess what the "environmentalist" want you to do? They don't want
you to drive or use anything that uses gas or oil.
And if you are forced to drive, it has to be a small(read that as
unsafe) econo box. And if you elect the right(wrong)
people it will be mandated that you drive a small car. Not to mention
the safety factor of a BIG battery inside the car and
than what to do when its time to replace the batteries. Not to mention
the cost.
Until that is when you can buy an electric car. Now an electric sounds
great. Until you and your neighbors plug them in.
Just imagine you whole town plugging in their cars at the same time.
Is that what happens when everyone turns on the AC
at the same time? Brown outs. Black outs. The electric grid can't handle it.
But, you say, we can build a bigger grid. The "environmentalist" will
not allow it.
You try to build more coal plants, you can't. It's dirty.
You try to build more nuclear plants, you can't, It's unsafe.
You try to build more hydro plants, you can't. It blocks a free
flowing river. Some hydro plants are being taken down.
You try to build more wind mills, you can't. They kill birds, makes
noise, looks ugly. And require too much maintenance.
No, I'm not kidding. All of that has been said.
What is left? Solar ? As long as the sun is shining. Again, batteries
for storage of electricity.
Hydrogen fuel cell? Sounds great, but that is not in the near future.
I'm sure someone will complain about
putting too much H2O into the air.
Maybe Bio fuel /E85, even E100,sounds great.
It cost more to produce than you get out of it.
As the price of corn goes up because more going towards fuel and less
for food. Other grains are going up because less is being planted. As
the price of grain goes up(Corn, wheat, Etc) so does the price of
With more corn being planted the pollution goes up because more use
the of fertilizer is running into the Mississippi river
to the Gulf of Mexico. The bigger the dead zone. Making it harder for
commercial fishermen to make a living.
Sugarcane is more efficient than corn. But we have to import
Sugarcane from Brazil. And we don't have enough corn
or sugarcane for feed the people and
feed our cars.
How about bio diesel, you know, cooking oil. We don't have enough for
everyone. And can you picture everyone driving
with cooking oil exhaust coming out of the tail pipe? More pollution.
The "environmentalist" will be complaining
that everything smells like french fries.
We could get a horse, but you know the kind of pollution they have.
Besides we won't have enough corn to feed the horses.
Lets not forget home heating oil. What is the alternative to home
heating oil? Wood for fire? Again pollution.
So the bottom line is, until an alternative energy/fuel becomes
viable( yes viable) we are going to use gas/oil.
Unless you want to continue to import oil for unstable parts of the world.
You will still be competing against so called emerging markets, China,
India, etc. Don't expect the price
of gas/oil to go down any appreciable amount. What will you be paying
for gas in five years?
And will there be a shortage? What are we going to do if OPEC
slows production so we don't have enough
the oil to run cars? Do you remember when that happened? Try the
We had gas rationing. Waiting lines at the gas station.
Buying gas on odd/even days, depending on your license plate number.
But what was worse was the country went into a deep recession.
And we import more oil now than we did than. And we have more
country's competing for oil now than ever.
But we keep importing oil because we are not allowed to drill for more
oil in the US. We can't even build anymore
refineries. We are our own worse enemy. We worry about the environment
of America and want to control
our pollution but the worse polluters are using more and more oil,
China and India.
It's not going to be a war that is the down fall of the US, it's going
to be you. The next president of the US may sign
the Kyoto Protocol that will put more pollution controls on the US but
NOT on China and India.
It will be just one more step to the down fall of the USA. And we have
some in this country that would be more than
happy to see the US fall.
This country runs on oil, like much of the world.
But the US is the leading country in the world, not only economically
but in just about every way.
We all want a cleaner environment but not at the detrimental of the US.
If we want to be energy independent, there by being economically free,
we have to drill for oil in the Outer Continental shelf
and ANWR.
Be strong and be free.

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